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Photography Policy - Children (Under 18s) -

Although there are no laws regarding the photography of children or persons under 18, Some organisations such as the FA and NSPCC offer guidelines. Here are my guidelines as a freelance sports photographer.

FA Photographing U18s
NSPCC Child Protection in Sport

SLF Studios not only adheres to the FA Guidelines, but also adheres to their own policies and procedures.


  • To wear appropriate identification at all times. I wear a branded bib or sweatshirt. I carry around my i-PBS DataCo accreditation, which proves I am on the photography database..

  • SLF Studios will not photograph a junior event without first having permission from the organisers / managers of the two teams. Normally permission will be gained well in advance of the event taking place. With a sports event, I will also double check on the day with both managers and referee prior to game start .

Publishing Photos

  • Children should not have a name clearly attached to their photograph. this includes player profiles. The only time I require a child's name is if I am submitting the picture to the local papers and I will acquire the name from the responsible adult in charge eg Parent, Manager or Teacher.

  • Care is taken not to publish photographs with a pose that can be obviously changed to something more sinister

  • SLF Studios will not publish photographs of children in distress, injury or visibly upset.

  • Pictures published on www.slf-studios and social media will be watermarked (as soon on a number of photos on this website).

  • SLF Studios will immediately remove any photograph from the galleries on receipt of notification by a parent or similar.

Sam Fielding

Freelance Photographer & Videographer

Tel: 07852 995326

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