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Sports Photography
I have been shooting sports for the last 18 months, and have captured some amazing moments from grassroots football, to BMX racing and other professional sporting events. I want to offer you my skills and time in the best possible way possible, to make sure your iconic matches and moments are captured for you and your loved ones.

I have four packages available for you to choose from...

One Match - FREE Service

This is for junior teams (football, netball, rugby, etc) involving those U18s and below (or any age Cup Finals).
All pictures will be placed on for anyone to purchase digital files.
No pictures are given to anyone for free, with prices available via the gallery.

Designated Team Photographer - £50 (Cup Final £100)
You will receive all pictures of the team I am being hired to photograph. A pre-match team picture & match action shots are included, along with presentation if a Cup Final. All pictures containing your team and the opposition team but not pictures solely containing the opposition team or match officials will be sent. For clarity, you get pictures of your players, pictures of your players in action against other players and your team picture and any celebrations and presentations.

Photographing Both Teams - £100 (Cup Final £200)
You will receive all pictures from the match featuring both teams. Pre-match team picture & match action shots (If a Cup final, then presentations are included with team and individual images being taken by myself). 

Other Photography - Minimum Charge £50 
Please email for a quote. This will depend on time at the shoot and time to edit, plus travel.

Depending on your package, all your teams pictures will be shared on my gallery page within 48 hours - with password protection available if teams require. Online purchases will be conducted online via the Wix Online Payment Service, however images where one team or more have paid for the photographs prior to the event, these images will be sent via "" (free of charge), which the Club can then distribute and share with players and their families - link valid for 7 working days.

Who can Hire me
Anyone 18 or over. The club, Team Manager, a player or any member of the family can hire me to cover a match.
I can concentrate on the whole team or just the players you require.

Small Print (Usage & Terms & Conditions)
The only restriction on picture usage is that you may not supply Newspapers, Magazines or any printed publication with
any pictures supplied by SLF Studios.

If you're interested in any of the offers above, please email for further details.

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